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"The Story of the Century"


For over thirty-five years, Century has provided a unique combination of the most sought after requirements for a fireplace. Beauty, efficiency, and the heat output (BTUs) to safely heat the cabin in the woods or the mansion on the hill. Century provides what our customers want, at an affordable price!


The story of the Century began in 1974, when America was in the midst of a major energy crisis. As home heating costs dramatically increased homeowners had few if any options to reasonably heat their homes. The answer was the rebirth of the solid fuel heating industry. Wood was an inexpensive heating source. It was also renewable, and the waste wood alone would heat most American homes.


Many companies began producing wood stoves, fireplace inserts, and factory built fireplaces to meet the demand; however, the designs were little different from stoves produced a hundred years earlier. While some were slightly more burn efficient, they lacked the heating capacity to heat your entire home with one single unit. Larger units with greater BTU output produced hot spots and could not evenly heat the home. There was also the mess associated with ash removal.


Century was established for the sole purpose of developing and producing solid fuel burning products that fulfilled the requirements of the homeowner. Only one name was fitting for the most innovative wood heating unit of the century...THE CENTURY FIREPLACE/FURNACE. The first Century was delivered in 1976. At 76% efficient, Century was already light years ahead of the competition. Today's units are zero clearance, tested to UL127 for a free standing convection fireplace, and UL391 for a central forced air wood furnace approved to be used in a central heating and air conditioning duct system. The UL391 requirements are extremely difficult to meet. Few, if any other units have this rating. However, this rating is required by most insurance companies if your unit is ducted. Our current Century units are EPA tested at over 92% efficient, and are duel fuel to be changed from wood to gas as the energy source. This gives the homeowner the option to convert from one fuel to another, with the same unit. Century's current models offer a wide range of BTU output. The C0-36-GW, during its EPA testing, recorded an output of 167,200 BTUs per hour on high burn, and 20,000 BTUs per hour on low burn.


Why is Century more efficient, and why does it have a considerably greater heat output capability than other units on the market? Century has a patented heat exchanger; in fact we have 13 patented points. Century's unique heat exchanger is light years ahead of other units on the market. Century offers precise regulated oxygen supply direct to the point of combustion for a nearly perfect burn. A properly fired Century produces burn temperatures of 1,700 degrees F to around 2,100 degrees F. At these temperatures, the Century produces very little if any smoke, and burns almost everything, leaving very little ash. There is no need for a catalytic converter in a Century. We call the Century our EPA incinerator. The Century also offers a huge firebox and re-burn chamber for containing and re-burning any remaining solids in the gases. Century's unique design contains the flue gases for ample time to extract the heat from the burnt gas prior to its entering the flue. Century's ability to properly address both the combustion fuel to air mixture formula and the containment challenge of striping the heat from the burnt gases prior to entering the flue posed several engineering problems. If the engineering were not complicated enough, add the problem of providing adequate draft when operating the unit as a fireplace with the doors open without smoking. Century actually changes from a fireplace mode to a furnace mode automatically when the main damper is adjusted. I believe you can understand why Century's cutting-edge technology and heating ability is not available from any other unit. The question is, would you rather purchase a unit designed around 100+ year old technology or a unit designed with 21st Century cutting edge technology. Would you prefer to cut or purchase a third less wood, be able to burn full rounds and not split wood, and have very little ash to remove. If your answer is yes, then you should take a good long look at the Century.


You owe it to yourself and your family to see how a Century can work for you. Most Century owners recover the cost of their Century in energy savings alone in about four years. From then on when you use your Century, it's paying you, year after year! Century also offers the peace of mind in knowing that with or without electrical power, you can comfortably heat your entire home with your Century. In the very near future, power may not be available all the time. Your Century is always available, and that means a lot to most of us. We strongly recommend that you view our short video on how the Century is made and what makes Century different from other products on the market. Also you can hear comments from Century owners.


You can call us at 1-800-284-4328 (1-800-FOR HEAT) and a representative will be happy to discuss your application and special requirements. Our office hours are 9:00 A.M. TO 4:00 P.M. central time, evening calls and technical support 417-437-0540 until 10:00 P.M. central time, including weekends, evening return calls available. Or click here to contact us.


Century's Mission Statement


Made in America, Century was established for the sole purpose of developing solid fuel burning products that will make you energy independent and able to heat your home economically and efficiently without power, while protecting our environment.